Crabby Much?

09 May

Mommy is crabby today, Mommy has been crabby a lot really.  Dude, I don’t know how much more of myself I can take, nor how much more can my family take.  I made James cry today, because I refused to allow him to watch yet another movie.  But if I have to sit through another Thomas session, I might seriously have to scratch out my eyeballs.  Then through the addled haze of crabbiness, I recalled, that we have a portable DVD player that James can watch his favorite shows on while wearing headphones.  He gets his show, and I don’t have to watch or hear it. 

But little guy just wants attention because in the span of me writing the previous paragraph, he has twice asked me to pause his show so that he can show me something.  That “something” involved him running in a small circle with a very happy “I got Mom to pay attention to me” grin.  In the few moments that it took me to write that last sentence, he has twice asked me for food.  I know I’m letting him watch way too much TV today, but he is now thoroughly enthralled, and Mom’s wrath is somewhat in check- everybody lives- yeah!

Gah!  I have no idea why I’m so teeth grittingly crabby these days.  I feel like I’ve been taken over by this insane person that can barely tolerate the minutia of day-to-day living.  Am I going through the early stages of menopause, I mean seriously, this feeling needs to go away now, or I need to find some good drugs.

Someone once told me that if you are feeling so out of whack, that it is hard to get anything done, force yourself to do normal things until you feel better.  So, in that mode…. THIS is what has been going on at our house.

We’ve been coping with the weather.  There has been snow, more snow with lightening and thunder, then torrential rain, freezing temperatures, and more rain.  I’d love to be outside doing a pre-spring clean up, but it is just too icky outside.


This is another picture of the deck when the snow was really bad in December.  The marshmallow in the middle of the deck is our table.  I still can’t get over how thick the snow was. 

snow 2008 398

I love this picture of our house,  I think it looks cozy with the snow on all our trees.

House projects kicked off about a month ago.  We decided to fill in the floor so that Tim’s office/guest bedroom is completely enclosed.  My Dad is a really loud snorer and between Tim and Dad, I spent quite a bit of Dad’s last visit listening to the both of them saw away at 1am and vowed no more.  Here are some pictures to explain more of what I mean.


This picture was taken before we bought the house, if you stand in the dining room and look down, this is what you see.  We had this wonderful well of windows that was an interesting feature, but that also meant that we had no privacy from floor to floor. 


This is a view of the well and windows from the outside.  Tim did a lot of research and figured out how far apart joist could be strung.  See I’m learning the lingo.  He hung sheetrock and installed recessed lighting in the office. 


This is Tim the Tool Man in action,  mudding and taping.  The pink drop cloth in the background is a Playboy satin sheet that I wore to a toga party last year.


And this – tah dah is the new sitting area in our bedroom.  There used to be a half-wall blocking off the well roughly where the orange bucket is, and another half- wall down by the floor lamp.  Last weekend Tim finished spackling and re-texturing the walls.  This weekend he is sanding the trim on the windows.  The previous owners had not done the best job painting the trim, and there was some damage from a cactus that hung from the ceiling in the living room all the way into the basement.  Go figure.








What else?  Oh we’ve had fuzzy thieving visitors recently.  Raccoons or aliens you decide?  All those grubby hand prints on the door, theirs, not ours.  They beat the snot out of our cats one night too, the bastards.  Scared the hell out of me,  I’ve never quite heard anything like it, a cross between a screaming, snarling, with lots of thumping and scrabbling.  I really thought the cats were going to die.   This picture is not from December, I managed to forget to put away the Christmas stocking, and there it hangs today.


And our cats may have been born wild at Boeing, but they grew up on handouts, until we adopted them from South County Cats.  They aren’t totally tough.   Take a look at fluffy-ass here.  He meows like a little girl and hides behind his smaller sister.  The raccoons cleaned his clock, but he survived,a few pounds lighter from all the hair that the coons yanked out of him.  James named him Enzo after our dearly departed dog.










In the not so happy news department…A friend of ours died a few weekends ago.  He was getting ready to dive with a buddy, said he was having problems, and then stopped breathing.  He was airlifted to the hospital but never recovered.  He was 38 years old, had a wife, and two very young children, one of them is just starting to take her first steps.  We didn’t know them super well, but we have a mutual friend that hosts a lot of get-togethers and over the years we managed to see them quite a bit, even babysat for their son when he was about 9 months old.  They were one of those, calm, caring couples that were always fun to share stories with, play cards with, hang out after dinner with.  His presence will be missed.

On that note, I need to run up stairs and get bread for this evening’s dinner of corned beef sandwiches, in the oven.  Ah normalcy.

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