Birthday Boy – 2008

09 May
My baby boy is officially 3 years old as of October 4, and insisting that he is a “big boy, not a baby,” and “can DO IT!”  What a difference a year makes.
  • Last year, he could have cared less that it was his Birthday, he had a stomach bug, but still….didn’t care.  This year, he was hyperventilating at the prospect of having a party, with friends, and presents, and cake, and balloons, and music, and….and….PRESENTS!
  • Last year, he wanted to be changed like a baby and wear diapers.  This year, he insists on pulling his pants down on his own, pees standing up, and is very selective with his underwear.  Small print Spiderman underwear may be worn facing the proper direction, but anything with a large image on the butt must be worn, butt to the front.
  • Last year, James thought wrapping paper was way more fun than the gift.  This year, the paper was tossed over the shoulder, the box gleefully torn open, and the sight of his Spiderman PJs had him shouting with joy.  When he opened his Mater soap dispenser, he fairly floated off the couch.
  • Last year he had to be held down and tickled so that we could brush his teeth.  This year, he brushes his teeth, with adult toothpaste, and toothbrush, then insists on “rinse-n-spit,” with a glass cup. 
  • Last year, he was talking in brief, but mostly comprehensible sentences, vacuum was his first word after all.  This year, he uses plurals, adverbs, and is describing his feelings.  Puzzles make him “very happy.”
  • He gave up his crib without a fuss, because “little babies sleep in cribs, I don’t need a crib Mom”.  He graduated to a twin bed, with a Pixar Cars themed comforter and sheets.  James insists on getting in to be all by himself.  
  • Last year, no gymnastics.  This year he is doing somersaults all by himself, down ramps even….BLINK!
  • Band-Aids are an almost daily requirement for non-existent boo-boos.
  • He says I love you and thank you spontaneously.
  • He is learning how to ride a bike and wears a helmet “because they make you safe.”
  • He’s always been a charmer, and frequently flirted with a secret/come hither smile, but now that he will talk to anyone that listens, while using dramatic hand gestures….my advice to all you laides out there…Watch out, my son is on the loose!
  • His imagination is cranking up, and on the way home we are frequently chased by dragons who like to eat cows.  He also is using a piece of cardboard to ride through the house on his scateboard.
  • Random things happen, like this weekend, he insisted on doing a knuckle bump over and over. I know he learns a lot in school from his friends, but these events still amuse, and take us by suprise.
  • He has generally been a quiet kid, very thoughful and considering, before doing anything, you could literally see the gears churning away.  Rarely did he ever run around like a nut.   He is still thoughtful, but now more willing to let it all hang out.  Evenings usually include him graciously asking both of us, “Ok to jump on you dad?”  followed by him shouting “one, two, three, BLAST OFF!!!” before body slamming Tim.  The bigger the air, the better.  Injuries do occassionally happen.

Some things haven’t changed.  He still wants to read stories before bed; Dinotopia is our current favorite.  When he gets tired, he likes to snuggle.  Multiple hugs and kisses, after being tucked in at night, are required.    A light on, music playing, and his door half-way open is also mandatory.   Getting soap in his eyes during bath time makes him cry.  The stairs are still somewhat scary, and he prefers to be carried up and down.   He dances when he is happy, he pouts when he is sad, then usually bursts in to tears.  He gets so excited, that the words just won’t come.  Hot chocolate is a favorite.  He gives kisses when he thinks he has hurt someone.  James loves to watch movies after a long day.  His giggles erupt like bubbles, and give me a sense of peace otherwise difficult to achieve.  No matter how grown up he gets, he will be my baby. xoxox James!

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