What Doin’?

09 May

I just spent an hour writing only to have it disappear in to the ether (when I was on Live Spaces.  I’m not a happy camper at the moment.  So, attempt number two, grumble, grumble. 

 This is my son’s favorite question “What doin’, Mom, What doin’?” 

 This is what the Davis family has been doin’.

 Last week:  Celebrated Tim’s birthday with a play at the ACT, followed by dinner at Nana Caremello’s. Yum.  Then, book club at my house Tuesday night.  The ladies brought various nibbles and I cooked chicken piccata and veggies.  James and my girlfriend’s son ran around like house-apes, while we tried to chat.  We rarely discuss books anymore; we usually just blabber and eat.  I love a house full of good cooking smells and noise.  The rest of the week was work, work, work, and more work. 

I did manage to squeeze a 19 mile walk in there somewhere.  I decided that walking in 95 degree heat, on a trail, alone, in the middle of nowhere was a fine plan.  I felt even better about my plan, as a dude in the pale blue belly shirt (including belly hair) rode by me for the second time.  I started to wish that I’d remembered my pepper spray, right about the time that I realized that I was in so much pain that I couldn’t move faster than a slow shuffle.  Needless to say I doubt I’ll do that again.

James saw Mater on the seat of his new underpants, immediately dropped trou, and did a very happy dance, naked in the kitchen.

Doins this weekend:  Tomorrow will most likely involve lots of trips to the potty for James, a long walk, in a public location for me, and an attempt to finish several ongoing house projects.  I have just recently finished picking paint out of my hair from the last project.  I managed to dip the end of my pony tail in a paint can, and decided that I miss having most of the ends stuck together, so it’s time to break out the paint and brushes. 

Monday: We take James to the Evergreen State Fair.  He needs an animal fix and I REALLY need to see how they make deep fried Dr. Pepper, diet be damned.

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